Believe innovation strikes like a bolt from the blue? Think again!

Believe innovation strikes like a bolt from the blue? Think again!

Contrary to the Eureka moments we see in films or read in historical tales, real innovation isn't spontaneous. It's structured and systematic.

Innovation giants like Google didn't produce marvels like Gmail or Google Maps out of thin air. They used a disciplined process:

1️⃣ Explore problems

2️⃣ Generate ideas

3️⃣ Experiment

4️⃣ Implement

This approach delivers three powerful punches: it's repeatable, scalable, and inclusive. It's not about a random stroke of genius, but systematic problem-solving.

Innovation is not a sporadic spark. It's a deliberate flame, nurtured by systematic fuel. It's time to debunk the myth of the Eureka moment.

Ever thought your innovation needed a random flash of genius? Switch gears. Embrace systematic innovation. Do you have the courage to rewire your understanding of innovation?

Ditch the 'Eureka', and welcome the process. Your journey starts here!"


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