Does your calendar feel like a puzzle?

Does your calendar feel like a puzzle?

Let's solve it!

Imagine your calendar as a big board of opportunities. Some are thrilling new innovations, and others are regular tasks.

But here's the thing:

We often fill our calendars without considering what's truly important. It's like saying YES 👍 to everything. Just like when you want to help everyone and forget to do your own tasks!

But what happens when an exciting opportunity for innovation shows up? That's what we call PRIORITIZATION. It's about choosing what's more important for your goals.

Here are the steps for all the innovators out there:

1️⃣ Every day, take a look at your calendar.

2️⃣ Identify which tasks have the potential for innovation.

3️⃣ Focus on those tasks first.

This way, we clear the path for exciting ideas and make innovation a priority!

Can you clear the path in your calendar maze?

Let's innovate, one task at a time!


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