Don't overlook the "iterate" option in the stage gate process! 🤔

Don't overlook the "iterate" option in the stage gate process! 🤔

What UP or OUT means for people in consulting agencies is GO or STOP for ideas in the stage gate process.

While these two options often are the focus, the iterate option is crucial when ideas are good but not quite ready to pass a gate.

↩ī¸ This can happen when pivoting is necessary based on new insights during the project.

It's not always a matter of going from one stage to the next with a "GO/NO-GO" mentality.

This thinking can result in good ideas being prematurely abandoned or bad ideas being pushed forward.

🔄 That's why it's important to remember that there's a third option: ITERATE.

It's okay to pivot an idea based on new insights or feedback.



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